My name is Havyn Guy Chavez.  I'm a death doula and home funeral guide trained through Going with Grace and certified through the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA). My mission is to act as a compassionate guide to the dying and their loved ones by supporting, educating, and empowering families through the dying process and beyond.


My relationship with death began when, at age ten, I lost my mother unexpectedly to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  I had no process for navigating the depth of my loss and no support system to guide me, so I packed away my grief into neat little boxes and "went on" with my life. 


Twelve years later, my partner of four years was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I became his primary caretaker, providing emotional and physical comfort, helping him manage his appointments and medications, advocating for his patient rights,  and planning the possibility of the end of his life. Possibility became reality, and my partner died the following year.


During his illness and after his passing, I made a commitment to working with my grief and not burying it. I found ways to grieve my loss and ways to honor his life, and after fifteen years, I began to do the same for my mother.  I've come to believe that dying can and should be a beautiful, sacred transition.


Death doesn't have to be so hard, and it certainly doesn't have to be faced alone.


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I am present with life because I am present with death. I know joy and peace because I am present with grief and suffering.